Financial Centre
A high density urban core accommodating professional business offices, hotels, convention & exhibition centres, residential, restaurants and retail spaces, equipped with modern infrastructure that combines traditional vernacular with contemporary architectural styles. Pedestrian friendly open spaces links are also provided.

Residential Diversity
It offers a variety of residential housing types comprising low density residential (single family detached villas), medium density residential(socio-economic lifestyles) and high density residential(multifamily communities).

Civic Centre
Packed with convenience and contemporary amenities, it is a mixture of commercial / retail / residential uses. It also features a handful of signature buildings, cultural and civic arts centre with modern infrastructure and pedestrian friendly open spaces links.

Entertainment Districts
A mixed-use district, with a vibrant, pedestrian, friendly urban environment that takes advantage of its waterfront location. It also features a wide range of entertainment, hotels, convention & exhibition centres, restaurants and retail spaces.

Through the synergy of multiple neighbourhoods coming together, the towns are formed with clear edges which help to define residents’ identity. It takes just a 5 to 10 minutes walk from the edge to the centre.

Cultural City Centre
A devoted world class centre for Indian art, international art, religion and history.

Entertainment District – Green Belt
An eco-residential area with open space preserving natural environment, eco-retreats and hosting eco-activities.

Educational Centre
It comprises world class higher educational facilities, universities, medical centres, research and development park that provides a development buffer between industrial and residential uses.

Industrial City Growth Area
It includes business parks, research and development park and industrial park components which are devoted to manufacturing of light industrial goods and products.

Sports Centres
It comprises a Golf Course, an Equestrian Centre and other exciting sports clubs.

Last but not the least, the utilities section includes power plant / back up facility and sewage treatment plant.